100 Day Challenge – Day 23

My son’s surgery today turned out perfectly. The procedure was shorter than expected and there were no complications at all. We even got to see some pictures from the laparoscope! However, we spent most of the day at the hospital and the rest of the day taking care of a very grumpy toddler. Even though I think that this situation warrants an exception to the 100 Day Challenge, I really don’t want to let myself think that exceptions are possible at all. So I’m saying that hauling a diaper bag, laptop bag, wife’s bag o’ stuff, and heavy winter coats around the hospital, up and down elevators and hallways, back and forth to the parking garage, counts as light exercise for today. I’m pretty sure I walked at least a mile at the hospital.

For the way my silly brain works, it is ok to have light days, but allowing an exception once invites later attempts to justify more exceptions. Therefore, I’m still on track!



Lately I’ve been getting a little freaked out by how fast Orion is developing and learning things. Right now, he’s working on refining his crawling technique, feeding himself, pulling up on anything that will stand still for it (including his parents!), problem solving to get what he wants, and he’s starting to get a really good handle on cause and effect (he was shaking the remote control the other day and looking back and forth between it and the tv). It’s cool that he’s learning all of these new skills and that he’s becoming more social and interactive, but it’s all just happening so fast!