100 Day Challenge – Day 10


Today I signed up for a “Lazy Triathlon” at my local YMCA. What is a Lazy Triathlon? I’m so glad you asked! It is a month-long event where you work to complete certain distances running/walking, biking, and swimming. The Lazy Triathlon at my Y has 4 different levels available: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Ironman. As I have absolutely no experience swimming for fitness, I decided to attempt the Bronze level. Between today and February 23, I have to run/walk 20 miles, bike 60 miles, and swim 2 miles. I’m a little apprehensive about the swimming, but I think I can get 2 miles in a month even if I totally suck at it. I logged 2.5 miles of running on the elliptical today at a faster pace than usual, as I was listening to Citizen Radio and they had a field piece about innocent Pakistanis killed by US drones. It made me mad and I ran fast.


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