100 Day Challenge – Day 8

I was visiting the in-laws today during exercise time, so I had to scramble a bit to come up with something to do. The roads around their house are pretty rural and therefore pretty icy, so even a long walk was not looking like a good idea. Also, I twisted my ankle yesterday by forgetting which part of my foot is supposed to point towards the ground when I’m walking, so I wanted something low-impact today.

I ended up playing with Wii Fit. I used to use it all the time a few years ago, but I haven’t used the Wii for much other than streaming Netflix lately. After getting my father-in-law to help me dig out their Wii and balance board and hook it up, I was good to go. Well, we had to find 6 AA batteries, then I was good to go.

I had forgotten 2 things about Wii Fit: first, you can actually get a half-decent workout by essentially jumping up and down in front of the TV for a half hour. Second, Wii Fit is a judgmental jerk. From gasping “Ooh!” when I stepped onto the board to telling me not to exercise too much a moment after telling me that I needed all of the exercise, that guy really gets on my nerves! I remember now why I got out of the habit of using it every day. Still, I did 25 minutes of exercising according to the Wii’s calculations (questionable as they may be), so I’m calling it a win for today.

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