100 Day Challenge – Day 5

Everything went wrong this morning. I let the alarm go a snooze cycle longer than I meant to, the stuff I needed to take to the gym was scattered around the house (and I was too groggy to use an efficient search pattern so I ended up visiting like 4 places in the house several times each by the time I was ready to go), I got obsessed for some reason with the idea of having cookies for breakfast which kind of is the opposite of going to the gym at dark o’clock, and I was just exhausted. But I went anyway and had a good hard workout on the elliptical. I didn’t have time to shower afterward and I had forgotten to fill up my water bottle, but I made it home in time for my wife to get off to work.

Of course, I’ve had intermittent acute narcolepsy all day and an increasing icky feeling that I’m coming to realize is the beginning of the Green Plague that my 2 year old has had for the last few days (Green for the color of the goo coming out of his nose). I’m really hoping that a cold doesn’t derail me before I even make it to a week. We’ll see in nine or so hours, I guess.

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