I was pointed to this silly little quiz the other day. It has me dead to rights! Of course, I answered every question that I don’t believe in supernatural entities or realms of any kind and that I place a high importance on social justice, so I didn’t exactly make it hard. Give it a try!

2 thoughts on “Belief-O-Matic™

  1. I didn’t finish it. I have philosophical problems with the nature of the test itself. For example, some of the radio buttons should be check boxes. There’s no provision for both/and thinking. Most of all, though, the object is to find an existing generic label that accurately describes something as personal as spiritual/religious belief. So yeah, I’d have to agree with your assesment: “silly little quiz.”
    my 2¢

    • Oh, yeah. Big time. I imagine it was actually easier for me to answer than someone who has faith beliefs because I could just skip all the nuanced answers and go straight to “not applicable because there are no gods” for most of the questions. I had a pretty hard time answering the questions in the Politic-O-Matic quiz for the reasons you mention and because the possible answers were not particularly nuanced. And then I disagreed with the answer! (Barack Obama Liberal; I think I’m pretty far to the left of the President on most issues.)

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